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Beautiful bright day welcomed  the gathering individuals aged only weeks  and up to the age of  90 or above.

Such a huge crowd was interested  to be present  and join the fun and excitements in a symbolized reopening celebration on the Zoo’s 145th Birthday. What is a Birthday without the Birthday Cake!?!  The organizers thought of everything. The Birthday cake slowly came to the scene on four wheels managed by the confectioner. It was a 145 slice of  chocolate cake covered with marzipan. On the top was in miniature replica the old bird’s house. It really looked like a masterpiece of art.

Over the past 145 years, the zoo has continued making improvements to the facility to enhance the lives of the animals and to ensure an enjoyable guest experiences.

Continuous improvements to the zoo’s infrastructure and animal exhibits ensured that the Budapest Zoo will remain a treasured attraction in Budapest.

Why to-day? It was to symbolize the opening of  Budapest’s  Zoo in the month of August, 9. of 1866.

Honorable guests: István Tarlós, Major of  Budapest György Habsburg, President of the Red Cross, Géza Szöcs, Under-Secretary of Culture were invited by Dr. Miklós Pesányi, Director-General of the Zoo to join the celebration  of  the Zoos’s 145th Birthday.

During the opening ceremony the general director said,  in 1866 the Budapest zoo was the first zoo in Hungary and the 25th in  the World. Also spoked about the beginning times saying the zoo opened  with 500 different animals, 9 monkies and  with multifarious birds (parrots, cockatoos)  and of course with native animals. In those days Christopher,  named bear was the most popular. Sisi – Queen Elizabeth, was our most famous visitor, she had great love for animals and often visited the Hungarian Zoo. By her intervention, Budapest’s  zoo received the first giraffe from the Schönnbrun Zoo. General director also stated “We are especially proud of our zoo, from its focus on animal welfare,  to its interactive capabilities.”  He was happy to say, “We are also a breeding zoo,  helping to ensure the survival of threatened and endangered species around the world.”

Throughout the decades there were many developments. As to the last year’s,  whereas major developments took place, as to build the House of Australia, also to rebuild the old Giraffe  House and the  Buffalo House within the original plans.

The general director took the time and care to bring up to the stage two elder persons who  have worked  almost 40 years at the Zoo. One of them was a retired gentleman, once the main gardener, the other was a lovely lady called Edit,  the ticket controller (see her with flowers in her hands). She still is fulfilling that mission. I bet she gave entrance to generations, many of  those little kids  who now-a-days  bring along their own kids.

Before  the public entered the zoo the general director’s words were: “Take your time, look at the animals, look at the Palm’s House, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and help us make the world a better place for animals and people.”

The zoo is celebrating it’s 145th Birthday, yet  it seems like getting younger and younger.

Yes, the zoo shares great hours with family friendly attractions.

Update and snaps by: Aggie Reiter

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