The 10th V4 Atmosphere To Come @ Nagymaros 2023.

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Found out updates within the press conference at the Uránia National Film Theater, whereas a couple of highlights and details were spread about the coming V4 events to take place @ Nagymaros.

Within the framework of Hungary’s Theater Olympia, do not have to wait long for to the V/4 Theater Festival celebrating its 10th anniversary. The V4 (i.e. Visegrád Four) – (VéNégy) Festival is celebrating with an estimated 100 programs and well know stars.

Nagymaros, just on the opposite side of Visegrád, which is splited by the River Danube. Every theatrical and musical attraction show at the V4 festival is to be seen at the historical and sightful background of the Visegrad Castle where the historical Visegrad co-operation all began in 1335.

The event is actually a theatrical collaboration that brings together artists from 4 countries: Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Main goal is to continuously strengthening and passing on of traditions of the festival to the audience/visitors. At the gathering all sorts of different program will be presented each and every day. Starting on June 22, the 10th V/4 Festival and Theater will be opening by the Metropolitan Great Circus with a spectacular rope dance with a lightning performance prepare. An artist will walk across the wire rope stretched over the festival, symbolizing the bridge between different art forms and the past and the future.

Also as part of the Theater Olympiad, grandiose street theater productions dazzle the audience in the evenings. The KTO Theater – Krakow takes you on an imaginary journey into the magical world of childhood. In addition to stilt walkers, giant fantasy images and spectacular pyrotechnic elements, an original 1926 Benz convertible will also roll into Nagymaros as a real curiosity. The Czech V.O.S.A Theater comes with a gigantic metal lion, 5 meters high, 8 meters long and weighing 350 kg. They guide you to the secret garden of dreams, where you can discover the realm of giant puppets, luminous flowers, jellyfish and live fire accompanied by live music. Slovakia‘s first contemporary circus formation, Younák Circus, brings the legend of the best-known Slovak hero, the outlaw Juraj Jánošík, as a unique combination of theater, circus and folklore. The V4 in addition to productions, the Lviv Voskresenny Academic Theater Ukraine, which tells about the history of Ukraine through the fate of the writer, poet, spiritual leader of the Ukrainian nation, Taras Shevchenko. The spectacular yet poetic vision, which uses moving machinery, burning set elements and pyrotechnic effects, presents the eternal struggle of the Ukrainian people for independence.

“The events of the Theater Olympiad are in full swing across the country, and one of the most exciting programs at the V/4 Festival is the fulfillment of a long-standing desire.” – highlighted Attila Vidnyánszky at the festival’s press conference.

Every day between 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., the VR theater tempts you on a virtual journey beyond your imagination.
Thanks to films that offer a unique virtual reality experience, the viewer can visit the abandoned High School of gymnasium Tadeusz Kantor‘s film, who immerse himself in the underwater world of the legendary “Polish Titanic”, in the wake of the sunken wreckage of the MS Piłsudski, may perform with the world-famous Cirque de Soleil troupe, or you can go to the International Space Station as a participant of the Space Explorers.

The festival is preceded by an international workshop with the participation of theater artists from V4 countries which is led by actor and director Zoltán Balázs. Participants in the creative training can learn about the Golden Beetle method between June, 18. and 21. 2023. The name of the method was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, whose protagonists reach their goal based on their knowledge-based analysis and evaluation skills. The V/4 Festival itself is a kaleidoscope, with its numerous programs and community-creating power, it mobilizes and gives energies that will have an impact in the long term, a cure for loneliness. The MOTTO by Zoltán Balázs goes “We are living in a new era of human civilization, where mediatization and the Internet force people to think and learn differently. In this culture-changing, visual age, the emphasis shifts from linguistic and conceptual thinking to creative thinking. Creativity and everything that machines cannot or are only capable of to a limited extent are valued. These skills can be acquired most effectively with the help of various arts, including theater. It is not enough to simply use up the traditions and the knowledge already acquired, but it is advisable to reconsider them and record our new insights in a new notebook. This requires new paper, new colors, new pencils and new thoughts.”

Beside the theatrical productions there will be a very strong musical lineup with the most famous festival groups from Hungary and within the V4 countries, such as: Kraak & Smaak – Cari Cari – Analog Balaton – Bagossy Brothers Company – Belga – Beton.Hofi – Blahalouisiana – Carson Coma – Csannekedkislány – Dzúdló – Halott Pénz – Elefánt – The Black Circle Orchestra. In addition to concerts by popular Hungarian bands, theater performances, sports opportunities, community programs and the gastronomic offers on the spot make the gathering special.

During the day, V4 Kindergarten, playhouse and children’s performances are waiting for families, and this year there will also be the opportunity to take part in guided canoe tours and admire the deservedly famous Danube Bend. There will also be Daily Yoga exercise for participants to experience how to relax after a heavy day and to welcome the new productions and performances with new energy.

Last but not least … The festival will be giving an overall insight to and the togetherness at the programs and the importance of the continuous strengthening and passing on of these traditions to the young adults is one of the goals of the festival and worthwhile to be present by the coming visitors.

It is worth entering the exact date in the calendar as soon as possible, because getting your tickets like in previous years, they will probably sell out quickly.

Riport and snaps: Aggie Reiter

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