Tribute to YOKO ONO – Exhibition titled …”THE WAR IS OVER! IF YOU WANT”!

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Sunday, November, 27. 2022 @  the Hungarian National Museum – Budapest

Exactly 52 years ago on the same date November, 27., flyers appeared in New York War is over! If you want it (The war is over, if you want it too). The project initiated by Yoko Ono was later joined by John Lennon, who were protesting against the ’Nam War at the time being. Peace is  EVER more wanted EVEN  to-day and Yoko Ono exhibition draws attention to the importance to change to come. At the previous press meeting curator of the exhibition Gábor Gulyás drew attention to the fact that this expression of peace activism has become relevant again because of the war in Ukraine. At the Yoko Ono exhibition, more than 30 important works of the artist will be on display, so many of  works have never been exhibited together in Hungary. He also added, Yoko Ono built twenty-one white chess sets, the first one is on display in New York at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), two chess sets will be presented at the Budapest exhibition Play with confidence! titled, one from the collection of the Ludwig Museum. 

The installation Open Your Mind 90 inspires openness, featuring a key, an important motif in Japanese and Eastern cultures.(SEE SLIDESHOW)

Yoko Ono presents works related to the theme of peace and the desire for peace from the life work of the best-known contemporary Japanese artist and musician, the wife of John Lennon. The exhibition of the world-renowned performance and contemporary artist, who turns 90 in February, will feature interactive and performative works, as well as paintings, sculptures and short films.

László L. Simon – director general connected to the forthcoming exhibition told, that there is no need for war, because there are never really winners, only serious losers, that ethnic conflicts and economic issues cannot be solved by weapons. Added that the proceeds from the Yoko Ono exhibition will be used to support the victims of the Transcarpathian War in Ukraine. He also highlighted that peace must come, because only that can lead to a solution and back to a normal life. 

The performance entitled Lezáző dárák was one of the very first well-known art actions in the history of art. Yoko Ono first presented it in 1964 at the Sogetsu Art Center in Tokyo, later in New York and quite a few major Western cities. Over the past two decades, were already several performances that did not feature the Japanese artist. In the original performance, the audience could cut off a piece of Yoko Ono’s dress. The performance will be shown nine occasion during the BudapesT’s exhibition, The first time with the participation of actor Zsolt Trill. At the last day on February, 18, Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s son, musician Sean Lennon, will be present.

The two ambassadors of the Transcarpathian support campaign, actors Nelli Szűcs and Zsolt Trill, also participated in the press conference. Nelli Szűcs asked: there should be peace, the politicians should not poison our common wells, the wells from which several nations drink at the same time. At the press conference, Zsolt Trill also called for peace.

Riport and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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