Mittelcinemafest – 20th Central European Italian Film Festival @ Budapest & Szeged 2022.

Between November, 5-16. will be held in the Puskin and Tabán cinemas in Budapest also  between November, 10-12 at the Belvárosi cinema in Szeged.
This is a joint event of the Budapest Italian Cultural Institute and Cinecittà.
The domestic audience can watch 12 contemporary Italian films, including many festival successes, in the original language with Hungarian subtitles.
The audience will also be able to meet several Italian artists. Francesco Turbanti – lead actor and co-director of Peremlét – (Margini) who won the audience award at the Venice Film Festival.  Marta Savino, the first-time director of The First Woman, and her female protagonist, Claudia Gusmano, Stefano Chiantini, the director of Ten Years Later … and Benedetta Porcaroli, the main character of Amanda, will be here  in Budapest. Sara Serraiocco, who became known as Baldwin in the TV series Képmás (Portré), also plays in two films: Drought, which won the Premio Francesco Pasinetti award at the Venice Film Festival, and Lord of the Ants, which was also awarded in Venice, will be present.
This year, viewers can meet the creators of five films at the Pushkin cinema in Budapest.
On  Thursday, November, 10. at 7.30 p.m., the film Peremlét (Margini), which won the audience award at this year’s Venice Film Festival, will be screened. Its protagonists are members of a punk band, who finally have the opportunity to really show themselves: they will be the opening act for the famous American hardcore punk band’s concert in Bologna. An audience meeting with the film’s protagonist and co-director, Francesco Turbanti, after the screening.
On Friday, November, 11. at 7.30 p.m., Paolo Virzì’s film Siccita, which won the Premio Francesco Pasinetti award at this year’s Venice Film Festival, will be screened. One of the female protagonists of the film, Sara Serraiocco, will be there at the premiere in Budapest.
On Saturday, November, 12. at 5.30 p.m.  Amanda will be screened.  The main character of the film, Benedetta Porcaroli will be the guest of the festival. The film’s director, Marta Savino, and its female protagonist, Claudia Gusmano, will both accompany the film at Budapest.
On Sunday, November, 13. at 7.30 p.m.,  Premio Brian, NUOVOIMAIE Talent Award winner The Lord of the Ants (Il Signore delle Formiche) will be screened at this year’s Venice Film Festival. The female protagonist of the film, Sara Serraiocco, will be happy to answer the viewers’ questions.
The final film of the Mittelcinemafest on Wednesday, November 16. at 7.30 p.m. Ten years later… (Il Ritorno),
Recommendation by Aggie Reiter
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