Multiple Outdoor Programs @ Corvin Square – Buda Vigadó – Budapest

Finally coming up … Multiple programs  on  the venue  Corvin Square in front of the Buda Vigadó.

During the epidemic, the House of Traditions did not receive any visitors, but from July, 14  until August, 20 they will be preparing for an unprecedented outdoor event at the Metropolitan Folk Courtyard.

Due to the epidemic situation, the Atrium Dance House has a maximum of 100 visitors.

Concerts, singing lessons, ethnographic performances, a dance house and other exciting programs awaiting locals and foreigners working not only in Budapest but throughout the country those interested.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the atmosphere of the summer festivals is evoked in the Corvin Square in front of the Buda Vigadó as part of the series of programs lasting from July, 14 until August, 20. The audience are invited to concerts, ethnographic performances, a dance house, song lessons, exciting performances and many other interesting programs, there will also be a pub water competition, for example, where groups of 4-7 people are expected to apply in advance.

The program series begins on July, 14 at 6 p.m. with tuned music and singing instruction, followed by adult storytelling. From 8 pm. the Dűvő orchestra will be waiting for those arriving at Corvin Square, then at the end of the evening the Zagyva Band  will most probably cheer the audience by tapping their feet and turn to dance to the beat at the open-air dance on the spot at the Atrium of the House of Traditions. There the dancers of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble will hold a come together “Lets Dance” teaching as well.

Admission is free.

© Aggie Reiter

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