Art and Music Goes Well – Art Vinyl Award Winners of 2019.

The Best Art Vinyl 2019 Award Winners

At the Koppel Project Gallery in Soho London, the Best Art Vinyl 2019 Award Winners were announced.

Francesco Dell’Orto for the Klone album ‘Le Grand Voyage’

Artwork and Design Tom Dubois/Hingston Studio for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album ‘Ghosteen’

Design and Art Direction Hvass & Hannibal for the Efterklang album ‘Altid Sammen’

Thanks to the nominations panel and all of those who voted for their favorits. The full list of the 50 most popular designs along with previous winners can all be found at

For music and art collectors, if they have a record in mind, one piece of cover art can capture a time, place, event or simply a piece of musical excellence.

About the frame was designed especially to compensate for any differences in thickness of album or 12″ records. This is done by the unique ‘sponge finger’ system on the back of the Flip Frame which will ensure that any thickness of record can fit comfortably against the front display panel.

Individual Frames: The Play & Display design permits the owner to stylishly display one record cover and its contents on the wall. Due to this unique design, the owner can also change over the display whenever feel like having another favorit album on the wall.

Available in matt black and ice white. Further

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