Teddy Bear Carnival @ Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden

Four Days of the Teddy Bear Carnival is on its way.

City Park – District, XIV., 6-12 Állatkerti  Blvd.

Thursday, January, 30. to Sunday, February, 2.

Children under the age of 14 who are coming in costume or bring their Teddy Bear with them can visit the Budapest Zoo with a symbolic entry price 200HUF.

During the Teddy Bear Carnival a variety of programs and special discounts at the Zoo waiting for families, kindergarten and school groups.

Each year the 2nd of February is a remarkable day at the Budapest Zoo, because according to folk divination its said the bear is a real winter forecast, will show the coming length of winter season. If on this day the bear sees his shadow …  being a sunny day … then it will take a long time still the winter to be here, but if it does not see his shadow then …  ie weather is overcast daylight … the winter is not going to last so long. will stay outside or heading back to its cave to sleep some more.

“Balu the Brown Bear … to see or not to see its shadow!?!  That question remains until Sunday … will it stay outside or go back into its cave in having more sleep.  To find out … this coming Sunday visitors are welcomed to see.

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