Budapest’s first “make yourself” herb delicacies!

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The Fall is, perhaps, for many the favorite season … colored leaves and crisp mornings. At this time of year, it is more than handy looking forward to warm  up the body with spicy herb drinks, tea, sirups, fruit crisps whilst sitting with friends.

Rita Horváth – store manager – dreamer of herBar store manager  welcomed the media representatives and continued by saying: Q.: „In the bar there will be herbal presentations and workshops, and we would like to get in touch with professional organizations so that our guests interested in the topic can find out about other herbal programs and events. Since we are committed to these treasures of nature, we would like herBar to be a cosy home for good herbal, tea-based venue were we could talk, exchange experiences and make healthy, creative meals and drinks with herbal remedies”. She added, that the long-term goal is an herbal active participation in the project, which aims at supporting the kids, but even more help for the elderly. There is a children’s playground on the gallery with board games and  the adults can read books on the subject as interested. Even if there is a herb have in mind, let’s say it is ridiculous or unbelievable, they will most probably will prepare with the ingredients. In addition to individual dried herbs, also have blended herbal leaf tea that are ready to help you on your way to feel better. Naturally, there are herbs sourced  brought from trusted suppliers with decades of experience who adhere to high standards of quality.

The organic or wild crafted, meaning grew in nature rather than being cultivated herbs and species mainly arrive from Salgótarján where Rita Horváth’s  mother has a plantation of herbs and by growing up in that area, gain to be professional herbalists.  Indeed everyone will surely find a natural herbal product which can aid them on their wellness journey.

Discover the magic of healing with herbs and spices! This unique place is Budapest’s first “make yourself” herbal bar. In addition to the fantastic flavor of tea and spice blends, visitors can taste the specialty of the place at District, V., 3. Haris köz., open from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

From mid-September in the heart of the capital, the herbs and spices „herBar” open its door awaiting guests to enter the world of herb and spices flavors. This unique place is Budapest’s first “make yourself” herb bar. In addition to the fantastic flavor of tea and spice blends, visitors can taste the specialty of the place, the 4 allergen-free wafers and home-made herbal dips and special handcrafted cheeses, seeds and tares make the taste really exciting in flavors. See and taste the hand-made herbs filled bonbons which are really a treat for gourmet. The culinary experiences spice oils, vinegar and herb wines with species and other herb spices are simply uplifting.

Of course ain’t big deal to make your own cuppa-of-tea … of course, for those who need help in sorting herb flavors and conditions, they can choose the special offers from the house with the handy guide professionals. The „No” is out of question if  the guest request goes as … lemongrass tea to be flavored with homemade cherry and even be rubbing with fresh rosemary as an extreme blend. Also can have a taste of the syrup cocktails or simply prepaid their favorite salad. In providing the supply, the primary consideration was that a food or a  drink should be aesthetic, fragrant, healthy and delicious. These four “ingredients” can not be missing from their table. They thought not only about tea worship … therefore the coffee addicted guests may give it a try to the superb Qawa coffee on the spot as well.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect to visit  and taste the herBar “herb menü” … listen to the herbs-to-herbs staff mouthwatering offers and discover the magic of healing with herb and spices!  The herBar is open to  locals and  foreigners community, for kindred souls in quest for health, happiness and wholeness. In addition to the fantastic flavor of tea and spice blends, visitors can taste the specialty of the house.

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