The 13th Transdanubia crossing Coop Rally – Hungary

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The Coop Rally jointly with the Hungarian food industry kicks off tomorrow with the largest annual trade show.

It is one of the biggest annual hosts of the Hungarian food industry, which aims to promote high quality and safe Hungarian foods and to get acquainted with their partners’ activities, said at the press conference by Robert Zsigó, State Secretary for Food Chain of the Ministry of Agriculture in Budapest and continued introducing the two-day event’s. Also the Secretary of State pointed out not only the 2 days Coop Rally  but also to get acquainted with the food market.The food industry is in the line as having the second most sales and output after the vehicle manufacturing industry in Hungary.

GézaTóth, CEO of CO-OP Hungary Ltd., said the supermarket chains at the Coop shelves 85-90% are available of the domestic foods and can also be found in other European highly known stores network the Coop products.

László Pekó, Chairman of the Board of CO-OP Hungary Ltd., emphasized the importance of social responsibility. They put great emphasis on support with a couple of funds to the needy families and children. They also support the Hungarian Olympic team. By their supporting activities wish to share the knowledge of qualification of quality Hungarian foods to spread even know better. He noted that within the rally tour, nearly 100 food, retail, service and media companies in this year joining the Coop Rally … have more than 105 cars to drive to six major manufacturing and distribution centers in West Hungary and also visiting 2 COOP stores at Győr and Szolnok.

The Coop Rally goal is to introduce the participants of the professional program,  the values of the Hungarian food industry. The rally road in kilometers will drive approximately 700 kilometers. The aim of the competition is to show the Coop Economic Group’s domestic suppliers and to draw attention to the values of Hungarian food processing.

This year, the Coop Rally will have eight stations and over 300 participants of over a hundred participating companies who can meet the bests of the food processing in Hungary.

The Coop chain has around 27 hundred stores in 1700 settlements and supplies more 2000 stores with 1.5 million buyers a day in stores. The 100 percent Hungarian-owned, Coop business group currently has nearly 700 small and medium-sized enterprises, more than 30 thousand employees and is the country’s largest employer at small settlements.

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