Opening DreherFest 2018 Beer Specialties

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It is still not too late to hop over to the DreherFest after all the lineup of beers and the concerts are still ahead until Sunday, 2 a.m. Lightning rains come and go but the mood is still high and may go to have a Saturday night fever.

The 5th year anniversary, 5 beers specialities never tasted before, 5 concerts at the big stage small stage.

Visitors can taste the Dreher Tripla hops, as well as the Dreher Pale Ale and the classic Dreher introduced this year in an extra fresh, unplastered tank version. In fact, the latter is unfiltered as there will be the lineup.

The only available specialties at the festival include two fruity flavors: a refreshing camp called Tropical Mango and a plump, fruity, Japanese plum aroma known as Black Plum, a real curiosity. The line does not end there, as brewery masters came up with the Dreher Red Ale, which is characterized by aromas of caramel flavors and roasted bitterness; as well as a large, spicy Bombay IPA.

In the first couple of hours the 555 piece of Dreher Bak and Maltese muffin shape cookies invented and designed by Dani Sass was pretty popular and consumed.

There was a beer brewery tour, a tapping competition, and in the afternoon the Dreher Inside looked forward to interesting tasks for those who want to have a glimpse behind the brewery’s scenes.

There was a beer testing completion, which was attended by the representatives of the country’s beer brewers.

The first three awarded as well as one person receiving votes received from the audience won a three-day full-service  to Pilsen brewery to Praha.

Here are few snaps of  this day’s event.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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