HOPTOP Brewery – PASO 15th Birthday Celebration

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The Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra (PASO) and the HopTop Brewery craft brewery have come up with an innovative idea to surprise their thirsty fans in beer and music.

The band is now celebrating its 15th anniversary and on this occasion, the famous small-scale (Kraft) craft beer brewery thrown a specific market.

Let alone would not be a novelty (we have seen this), but here is the truly innovative way of presenting the song of PASO’s premier music.

The PASO Ska IPA (it was named)… the beer brewed in a limited edition, of which a total of two barrels and 1500 bottles were produced. On the back side of the beer label is a link and/or a QR code to listen to the new song called „As One” which is only published in this way at the time being for the general public. The song will be heard  at the Belfeszt live concert just in three days to come at the Szabadság Square (district.V.) starting at 6 p.m. This will be their the big celebrating concert  and spiced up  to their 15th Birthday. The audience is awaited and no entry fee.

And so forth … without the Hoptop brewery’s support in producing a special beer to come out with a label to the PASO’s birthday it would not have happend.

Ali Rawech – master brewer and ownerHopTop Brewery said: “This is a special occasion made beer, which is striking PASO, since it is a 8% double IPA. At the same time it is special because it is made with the Australian hops (Galaxy)… double cold hops, which makes it unique, fruity scents and flavors can be felt inside rolling down your throat!”

“Of course the best part was the joint brainstorming, tasting and brewing. We did not want to stop with the idea “just” to make a common beer, we wanted to screw something up” – told Kristóf Tóth (KRSa) the band’s singer and frontman.

The change of musical culture, MP3 penetration of a new disk, music is no longer the embodiment, the graphic appearance (anno the cover art, cartridge cases filled the role). This bottle of beer now return to the “substance” of music, canvas gives a visual messages in addition to a functional beer with music having  inseparable duo.

What better pairing beer and music in one hand on a nice breezy summer evening.

PASO ska IPA will be/is available at the following locations:

Gourmet Foods Gödöllő – 8. Petőfi Sándor Square

Kapca – Szeged – 1. Rákóczi Street

Circus – Kecskemét – 3 Bercsényi Street

Beers and Books Budapest –  46/b Pannónia Street

Special Beer Shop Budapest – Hegedűs Gyula Street (Also home delivery).

Beer selection Budapest –  22-24 József Blvd.

Beer Shop Budapest – 5/B Oltvány Árok (Ditch)

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