The “KINGS ON ICE” – Edvin Marton and Evgeni Plushenko – Budapest – 2018.

Sunday, April, 29. 2018.

7 p.m.

Papp László Sport Aréna –  Budapest

District, X., 2. Stefánia Road

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, end the day with an awesome evening together with family, friends.

The „Kings on Ice” – Having toured all around the world comes to Hungary again with a superb, unique and fascinating show.

Among the ‘Kings on Ice’ you can see the world-famous Olympic and European figure skating champions: Evgeni Plushenko (Olympic champion), Adelina Sotnikova (Olympic champion), Alexander Smirnov-Yuko Kawaguti (European champion),Florent Amodio (European champion) and last but not least the outstanding Emmy-award winner violinist –  Edvin Marton.

Evgeni Plushenko – the greatest figure skating talent in the world, and multiple Olympic champion. Starting in 1996 he won more than 50 gold medals, and introduced the 4-3-3 combined jump first time in history. It is important to highlight that his gold medals are closely linked to Edvin Marton as Plushenko’s free skating music was specially arranged for him by the famous violinist.

Edvin Marton,  the Emmy-winner violinist recognized around the world enchants the audience with his real artistic treasure playing on the Antonius Stradivarius violin (- 1699-), the gold medalist of the world violin competition, accompanied by the splendor of lavish lights.

You can also admire the knowledge of several other famous stars at the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena during the show. To boost the excitement, the final list of performers will be announced by the organizers at a later date.

In the fascinating and unique production, the figure skaters are harping on the law of gravity, enriching the show with exciting and sometimes dangerous choreography.

Besides the elite of the figure skating you can also enjoy the great classics, like the music of Godfather, which gives a unique essence to the show.

The music of the ‘Kings On Ice’ was partly composed by Edvin Marton.

The show is organized by Danubius Music Productions Office and Art Anzix Theater.

Don’t miss the fusion of the brilliant artists! This is an entertaining and excellent program for the kids and adults alike. On a lazy Sunday afternoon to end day  spend an awesome evening with friends, family. Tickets available on the spot and

Source: Organisers

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