Quimby and MONYO Brewery

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This week was presented at Pub named: “Neked Csak Dezsőben” in Budapest.

The Quimby came to the premiere of beer brewing MONYO, whereas talked about the birth of their  joint collaboration in inventing with the MONYO brewery  the beer bearing the fantasy name “The Hungarian Voice of the Devil”

In addition to tasting, the MONYO team and Joseph Karpati- nickname: Dodi talk about how the Quimby beer was born. The band’s trumpet player took part in the preparation of beer…  with trumpet melodies helped brewing,  crushed malt, hops in beer was administered and promoted the brewing by trumpet melodies. The brewers and the band altogether have assembled the recipe together, and after a few small (10-20l) homemade test pieces they decided to make Red India Pale Ale. Mosaic was brewed with hops and cold smoked. Worthwhile to add a word about the beer bottle … the Quimby band’s members can be seen “The Hungarian Voice of the Devil”on the label of MONYO – created by Graphasel Design Studio.

The breweries collectively dream came true with this exciting taste of Red India Pale Ale with lots of Mosaic hops.beer. At the event members of the band stood behind beer taps.

While we can hear dozens of similar collaborations from abroad – Iron Maiden,  AC/DC or Metallica‘s beer …  in Hungary – so far there have been few examples of such collaboration where a cultic Hungarian band would cook together with a small brewery house. But, as we know, pop culture and beer culture are not so far apart: as Líviusz put it, beer and  rock ‘n’ roll are the closest companions, and if reincarnated, would be a brewery in the next life (Or baker, or musician, but mostly brewer. )

“After a few small (10-20l) test boards, we decided to choose the flagship of the beer revolution, India Pale Ale. This IPA was cooked with a very exciting and elegant Mosaic honey and chilled cold, resulting in a very fresh, fragrant, citrus-and-bitter beer that anyone can easily and quickly enjoy. ”
– told Antal Németh –  master of the brewery of MONYO Brewing, about beer’s taste.

At the gathering  100 bottles of beers signed by the Quimby members were extremely popular and were sold out within minutes. The proceeds are offered to the Quarries Down House of Care Foundation. The  exclusive packaging  by the MONYO Brewing also offered their help in the exclusive packaging procedure.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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