Hungexpo Travel  Exhibition – 2018 – Budapest

District, X., 10. Albertirsai Road

March, 1-4. 2018.

Hungary’s number one tourism fair, as always, will be held in the early spring period at the Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center.

For 50 years, Hungexpo Ltd. has been a key figure of the Central-Eastern European exhibition hosting market.

In 2018, will continue the series and will focus on travel-related subject matters, the development of personal relationships and alternative information acquisition methods.

The other significant goal of the Travel 2018 event is increasing the number of visitors by focusing on experiences, accordingly present interesting opinion-shaping travel-related events, travel methods and trips full of ideas for the general audience. Opinion-shapers and bloggers with a sizeable audience will make appearances on stage in front of the general audience in travel-related subjects. Throughout their lectures will conjure up the experience of vacationing and limitless freedom for visitors.

The first day of the Travel 2018 exhibition will be devoted solely to tourism experts. The themes are focused on the subject of digital tourism, providing Hungarian digital start-ups with a chance to introduce themselves as well as to summarize the experiences on the use of social media tools for tourism purposes. Will also be devoting special attention to the situation of the labor market in the tourism industry.

Also on Friday, we’ll be awaiting visits from students attending specialist training. For the first time this year, on this day we’ll be establishing a Professional Student Project  with the Metropolitan University as our partner. The students will be developing various tourism themes over the course of a semester which they can present to professionals at the Travel 2018 exhibition. The event is a superb forum and also a test of sorts during which we’ll be connecting employers with employees. The Job Fair hosted on Friday serves the same purpose.

Basic source: Hungexpo

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