Birkás – Wild-Pear Pálinka in the Protection Program- Hungary

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Continuous expansion of Hungary’s pálinka map, reported in Birkás Pálinka House by Sándor Fazekas – Minister of Agriculture, Sándor Fazekas  – Minister of Agriculture, Minister of State for Environment, Agricultural Development and Hungarica.   István Birkás – Birkás Pálinkaház owner of Vasi spoke about the wild pear pálinka, which has received national origin protected under the Protection Program.

The wild-pear pálinka contains ABV of 40%.  Everyone can find the flavor of their taste within having a sip of the traditional Birkás pálinka products

People on the hills in the region of the Vasi-Mountain have been dealing with growing fruits and vegetables for many a year.

The family enterprise is dealing with distilling since 1990. Been distilling for the trade since 2006. We The pálinka is produced in their distillery in Győrvár with the traditional double-distilled way, along with a modern one-step distilling equipment.

Every step, starting from growing fruit to bottling, is done by our enterprise. Thus guarantee the quality of each and every bottle. In order to protect quality and traditions their products bear the name of our family.

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