The 3rd KRAFT Beer Festival – Budapest – 2017.

Soon be waiting for their guests to the 3rd KRAFT Beer Festival, which will open its gates at 5 p.m. on  Thursday, September, 7.

District X., 47. Maglódi Rd. Budapest

The aim of the festival is to introduce Hungarian beer and to bring breweries, pub owners and beer-lovers together.

The Third Kraft Beer Festival goes on for Four Days – September, 7 – 10.2017.

The event is organized by: HopTop Brewery, Mad Scientist, MONYO Brewing Co., Horizont Brewing, Főzdepark.

While Hungary isn’t particularly known for its beer, there are some unique brews and this is a great event to find your new favorite. Be adventurous … some brews may end up surprising you.

Connecting to the Beer Festival this year at the Kraft Festival, the Kraft Association is ahead of enlargement. The event is organized by the members of the Kraft Association, which aim is to provide a point of reference for the quality beer consumers, and to promote the expansion of professional knowledge through educational programs and events. To achieve this, already established a trademark committee to protect and protect the set values.

Membership’s of the newcomers will be presented on a separate stand with two beers, and after the festival, the trademark committee’s decision and a joint discussion will determine how many new members will be welcomed in their circles. The names of the candidates are: Golem, armando_ochoa, Reketye Brewery, Dimbo Lab, HaraPunk, Reczer Ser, TufBuzz, White Rabbit.

Official opening is sharp at 5 p.m. and the gate will be opened to the arrival of the first visitors to ease their thirst.

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