Palace of the Soul – India Magic Festival – Budapest

Kep: Kocsany Kornel

Only One Day … Unrepeatable!

Sunday, August, 13. 2017.  10 a.m. – 6 p.m

Entrance: District XIII., 15-17. Lehel Street – Budapest

Some folks have already been a trip to India, but some haven’t yet made it. For both sides a „One Day” experience is open for  locals and foreigners to peck into the enchanting oriental dances, spectacular outdoor fireworks, traditional musical instruments, henna painting, Indian wedding with fireworks and many colorful stage programs  to visit at the Soul Palace  within the India Magic Festival.

If you are curious about the fabulous India atmosphere or just want to spend a fun day it is your chose to step by step discover the ancient, secret teachings of the Vedas and also discover the magical world of ancient India through its colorful programs, whilst listening to the lectures. Original mehndi henna painted by the henna artists,  and last but not least participate at the „breathtaking” yoga and traditional music shows.

Visitors may experience how India’s knowledge comes from everyday life, from cooking and eating to dressing up to childbirth, or just to architecture and medicine. At the „Health Island” maintaining health and to create a balanced agenda. Additionally, you can enrich nutrition tips for your everyday life. So after the health tips  can visit  the „Gastro Island” can try India’s well-known flavor, while enjoying the sight of cooking on a traditional clay stove. Additionally, you can get some tips and practices out of the food preparation process.

The Special India Day is offered without limit to age, from young ones to the elder folks is recommended.

Detailed stage program:

10 a.m. Music show with traditional instruments

10.30 a.m .Opening Ceremony – Dr. Gellert Demeter, III. District municipal representative

10.40 a.m. Welcome – the hosts of the festival

10.50 a.m. Instrumental East Indian Dance Performances and Odyssey Dance – Hungarian Melinda

11.15 a.m. Taurine Circus Presentation

11.30 a.m. Presentation Tabla – Pandit Rajesh Gangani, Indian Embassy

Noontime: Stage conversation with Kristóf Steiner, a famous vegan gastro-blogger

12.40 p.m. Bollywood dance show – Anita Szegedi dancer

1 p.m. Protective wedding with firearms

2.15 p.m. Concert – Nitai Bhavana Band

2.45 p.m. Stand-up Comedy – Balázs Hajdú and Viktor Fülöp are humorous

3.15 p.m. Yoga Presentation – students of the Yoga Grammar School of the Bhaktivedanta College of Histology

3.40 p.m. Bharatnatyam dance show – Bittner Deen Meenakshi

4 p.m. Martial arts demonstration

4.30 p.m. Symbol: “The Last Bus” – AC Nātaka Dramatic Group

5 p.m. Magic show – Lajos Zsirai performer

5.30 p.m.  Govinda Dāmodara līlā – Gaura-vani Dance Group

5.40 p.m. Indian tunes

Ticket prices: Adult: 1200HUF, Seniors and students: 800HUF. Children under the age of 8 – free admission.

The organisers request is to the visitors to come to the event without their pets!


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