Red Bull Air Race – Champion -Budapest 2017.

Kirby Chambliss of the United States (C) celebrates with Pete McLeod of Canada (L) and Yoshihide Muroya of Japan (R) during the Award Ceremony at the fourth round of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship in Budapest, Hungary on July 2, 2017.
Photo by © Predrag Vuckovic/RBAR

Kirby Chambliss (USA) Champion – Budapest,  2017.

The Force was with Him!

These magnificent air racers stole the show by head-to-head pairings with a Round of 14. Due to the stormy windy and rainy day of yesterday to-day a sun shined brightly to also watch these flying fighter men cut the sky. Was exciting day. The cheering of mass audience who stood on both side of the River Danube to watch the breathtaking pilots fly with acrobatics moves above and under the Chain Bridge.

The show ended with the result of the two world championship titles and eight run victories, Kirby Chambliss one of the most successful riders in the Red Bull Air Race history. The experienced American athlete represented a serious competitive edge throughout the history of sport. His career began in 2003. His prowess in the race-plane has seen him on the podium in 10 of his 11 seasons  and he kept his habit to be on the racer in the sky  in the series of the Red Bull Air Race.

Here are the results of the first three places: 1. Kirby Chambliss (American) 1: 00.632, – 2. Pete McLeod (Canadian) 1: 00.740, – 3. Muroja Joshide (Japanese) 1: 01.18.

Previous winners in Budapest: 2016 – Matthias Dolderer (Germany), 2015  – Arch (Austria), 2009 – Michael Goulian (USA), 2008 – Hannes Arch (Austria), 2007 – Mike Mangold (USA), 2006 – Steve Jones (Great Britain), 2005 –  Mike Mangold (USA), 2004 – Kirby Chambliss (USA), 2003 – Peter Besenyei (Hungary).

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