RED BULL AIR RACE is here Again – Budapest.

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July, 1 -2.2017.

So the coming week-end get ready to dive into the mood … to rise adrenaline on land, water and air.

The media presentation was held to introduce for the upcoming 11th Red Bull Air Race World series returning be held in Budapest again. Budapest’s race has reached to be well-recognized as one of the most exciting venues of the Hungarian. On one hand, Budapest is an imposing venue for the competition between inflatable gates and on the second-hand, the sights of the spectator buildings such as the Parliament and the Castle of Buda’s landscape on the Riverside of the Danube. The start off the race will ensure to be exciting as the Masters field traditionally flying over  and under the Chain Bridge will be a breathtaking experience not just the race but for spectators and for the competitors.

For locals and foreigner folks spending time in Budapest and wish to be on the spot see the spectacular event over the River Danube the best place “to anchor” is to watch the amazing aerial performance to be between Elizabeth and Margaret Bridges.

Clements Jaeger, the aviation and sports director of Red Bull Air Race, confirmed that the entire Air Race team is very fond of the Hungarian site: “It’s always great to return to this beautiful city every year, we are looking forward to this race every year. Budapest is an iconic venue for the tournament calendar, and although we are already on the eleventh time, the track always brings new challenges to the contestants and brings new excitement to the fans’ life. We are in the middle of the season and the championship is completely open – Martin Sonka and Josi Muroja are in the lead, so I think we are facing a spectacular week-end event.”

If we are talking about Red Bull Air Race in Hungary, we should mention Péter Besenyei, who also called the cradle of the sport – not accidentally he is called the Air Race’s Godfather – and who for years was a member of the field. This year we will also fly high but at the press conference it was obviously more speaking about the World Cup.  He is the only Hungarian competitor who has flown under the Chain Bridge more than a hundred time and is not just an icon in Hungary but also throughout the World of Air Races. And as he said, Q: “The most important thing for every pilot is to correctly assess the distance between the Danube and the edge of the bridge which is 8 m. It feels good to return to Budapest for the eleventh time, which he first actually started to fly  in 2003 It all started with I wanted Red Bull to be organized as a world racing tournament, but Mateschitz said we’d rather organize a race like Formula One, just in the air. I came home, began to think, I painted my various mushrooms, featuring gates and aerobatics, and I went back to Mr. Mateschitz. He liked my idea and said we should work it out. So there was a six-member team in which I was the only pilot, and in half a year the whole concept came together. We tested a lot, especially with regard to the development of gates, because it was not clear that we used air-filled balloons, water jets, laser light, or dry ice steam instead. The gates had to be visible, but they could not cause damage to the aircraft. At the end, the air-filled pylon became the first-ever, although it was the first sausage-shaped, with a thousand pounds, but the situation has improved every year, and the results of ongoing tests are the result of the current pylon. There was a test run in Zeltweg, but the first official race took place in Hungary at Tököl, so it is a good feeling that the field will return again this year.”

In addition to the world championship race, the organizers are waiting for spectators to  both sides of the River Danube with many entertaining programs this year. At the free two-day event, besides flying programs, audience can see breathtaking performances of extreme athletes. Concerts and extreme sportsmen are awaiting for everyone on Red Bull Air Race this weekend.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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