The 13th. KAFF – Kecskemét – Hungary


Part2  … Brief overview of the enormous number of  films to be screened and welcomed to attend !

A EUROPEAN ANIMATED FEATURE FILMS –  At the Festival of European Animated feature Films and TV-films of the International Jury  – Feature Films: The Red Turtle – Michael DUDOK DE WIT (France, Japan), The Girl Without Hands – Sébastien LAUDENBACH (France), Ethel & Ernest – Roger MAINWOOD (United Kingdom, Luxembourg) , My Life As a Courgett – Claude BARRAS (France, Switzerland), Phantom Boy – Jean-Loup FELICOLI, Alain GAGNOL (France) , Louise by the Shore – Jean-Francois LAGUIONIE (France, Canada), Magic Mountain – Anca DAMIAN (Romania, Poland, France).

There are three Oscar-nominated works, which were previously shown locally, among the films that have been selected into the competition program: The Red Turtle, My Life as a Courgett and Phantom Boy. The new film of the French Jean-Francois Laguionie (The Painting, A Monkey’s Tale), Louise by the Shore (Louise en hiver), is a gripping Robinson story of an elderly woman stuck in a small seaside village at the end of the summer season.

The Romanian Anca Damian is known for her films founded on true stories with a heavy political punch, amalgamating several animation techniques (Crulic, the Road to Afterlife – Annecy Grand Prize). His new animated docudrama, Magic Mountain (Muntele Magic), is the true story of a Polish emigrant, Adam Jacek Winkler, who in the 80s, leaving behind the bohemian Parisian life, fought against the Soviets as a lieutenant of Massoud in Afghanistan.

The hero of the adaptation of the Grimm tale titled The Girl Without Hands (La jeune fille sans mains) of the French Sébastien Laudenbach is a girl, whom at the arriving of distressed times her father sends to the devil. The girl is protected by her purity; however, she loses her arms. She takes off into a long journey and meets the goddess of water.

The family animated film titled Ethel & Ernest can be first seen in Hungary at KAFF. In his work the British Roger Mainwood (the animator of the series Snowman and Peter Rabbit) covers forty years of the life of the main title roles, an average London couple, with the hardships of history in the background. The adaptation of the award-winning cartoon of Raymond Briggs is based on a true story.

EUROPEAN TV- SPECIALS AND SERIES – The jury previously selected to choose in the competition and the informational programs from a material of more than 14 hours. A total of 14 European TV-Specials were entered, among them two Hungarian, as well as 77 TV series, of which 37 are European entries and 40 are local.

As for the TV- Specials members of the International Jury – TV-Films: Albert Hanan KAMINSKI (Israel), Éva MAGYARÓSI (Hungary), András PÉTERFFY (Hungary), György RÁDULY (Hungary), Éva VASS (Hungary). Albrecht Dürer’s Rhinoceros – OROSZ István, HORKAY István (Hungary), Heads Together – Joris OPRINS, Marieke BLAAUW, Job ROGGEVEEN (Netherlands) , Master’s Secret Life – Janis CIMMERMANIS (Latvia), Revolting Rhymes ep 1 – Jakob SCHUN, Jan LANCHAU (United Kingdom)Stick Man – Jaespaert JEROEN, Daniel SNADDON (United Kingdom), The Wind in the Reeds – Nicolas LIGUORI, Arnaud DEMUYNCK (Belgium), We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Joanna HARRISON (United Kingdom).

TV Series: The King Who Collected Books – SZEDERKÉNYI Bella (Hungary), Bertie Bean and the Fairitch (or Whatever) – KOVÁCS Márton (Hungary), Borka és a varázsruha / Meghalt a Dédi – GURMAI Beáta (Hungary), Boxi / In the Nature – KLINGL Béla (Hungary), Gipsy Tales / How was Man Created – HORVÁTH Mária (Hungary), Diary of a Wicked Girl / Cheers on Holiday! – GYULAI Líviusz (Hungary), A Heap of Crosconts / A Heap in the Empty Field – PÁLFI Szabolcs, JURIK Kristóf (Hungary), Hey Duggee / The Rescue Badge – Grant ORCHARD (United Kingdom), Hunor – KOÓS Árpád, KLINGL Béla (Hungary), Coyote and the Wasichu- GAUDER Áron (Hungary) , Lili / Lili Has a Guest – Siri MELCHIOR (Denmark) , Lily’s Driftwood Bay / Mr Parrot – Colin WILLIAMS (United Kingdom), Little Rain Worms / Spring – Jaromir GAL (Czech Republic) , The Life of Martin Luther / On the Path to the Lord – RICHLY Zsolt (Hungary), Patchwork Pals / Patchwork Donkey – Angela STEFFEN (Germany), Robert Desnos / I Have Dreamed of You so Much – Emma VAKARELOVA (France) , Stories about Mum and Dad / How Mommy and Daddy Got Married – Kristina DUFKOV (Czech Republic), The Long Long Holiday – Paul LELUC (France), The Tiniest Man in the World / Tragic Officer – Juan Pablo ZARAMELLA (France), Urban Legends / Auntie Veronica – GLASER Katalin (Hungary), The Silly Matjus – CAKÓ Ferenc (Hungary), Wolf – Julia OCKER (Germany)

Last but not least  Movies for Children on 13th KAFF  This year, the Kecskemét Animated Film Festival has a great number of children’s films in the program, from classics to the latest animations. Families arriving at the festival can see the Vuk, Háry János, Lengemesék, the Little Prince. So a separate block is waiting for the little ones in the Hungarian competition section.  Generation grew up to have seen these animation films, so those who are parents now may take their children and watch these screening together. All programs of the festival are free!

To attened the KAFF’s animation shootings is free of charge. A short film about the decision of the pre-selection jury can be seen on the YouTube channel of KAFF.

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