Herald News … “Zoos Night” throughout Hungary – August, 28. 2015.


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Many programs coming ahead to choose from at the  Zoos Night.

Throughout the country 12 zoos are to take part in the initiative, heard at the press briefing. On the last Friday of the August, will be held again the traditional “Zoos Night”.  This program is organized for the fourth year by the members of the Hungarian Association of Zoos. 

Throughout the country 11 settlements  zoos, i.e. a total of 12 zoos will be organizing the Zoos Night  on Friday, August,28. 2015.

Zoos taking part on this evening are  the Budakeszi Wildlife Park in Budapest, the Budapest Zoo – Botanical Garden – the Tropicarium, the Great Forest Culture Park Zoo – Botanical Garden at Debrecen, the János Xantus Zoo at Győr, the Jászberény Zoo – Botanical Garden at Jászberény,  the Vadaskert (Wildlife Park) at Kecskemét, the Miskolc Zoo at Miskolc,  the Pécs Zoo –  Aquarium – Terrarium  – Zsolnay Cultural Quarter – Planetarium at Pécs, the Lake Tisza Eco-Center at Poroszló, the Szeged Zoo –  Wildlife Park at  Szeged,  the Kittenberger Plant – Wildlife Park at Veszprém. These zoos  offer a bunch of special programs for the Night’s Zoo visitors.

The entrance fees vary by location, but those ones in settlements where more exhibition, programs will take place close to each other, combined tickets can be purchased. For instance, at Pécs the combined ticket will be valid for the Aquarium-terrarium and the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter. Also, at the Budapest Zoo – the Botanical Garden – the Tropicarium and the vicinity of the capital at the Budakeszi Wildlife Park.  Visitors may purchase one-by-one ticket separately aswell.  With the redeemable ticket,  guest of the night will have a valid ticket for all the three locations.

In the case  of the combined ticket, the price for adults is to be 3500HUF, for children 2400HUF.  Visitors who can not visit  all the three venues during the  Friday evening, their tickets to the Tropicarium, and/or  to the Budakeszi Wildlife Park are valid for the next day or the third day, i.e. on Saturday or Sunday.

Zoos Night detailed programs can be followed, published on each Zoos  websites.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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