XIIth Crescendo Summer Institute -Tokaj – Hungary – 2015.


Visit Tokaj, not only because of  the superb artist, music, but to have a taste of Hungary’s noble wines from that area!

 July, 20. – August, 3- 2015.

Crescendo Summer Institute has been present in Hungary for over 12 years. Each year young artists come to Tokaj from 30 different countries of the world to this music-related master course of high niveau. Crescendo Summer Institute has undertaken the cultural networking between nations. It has always paid special attention to international music anniversaries and the composers of the Visegrád countries, and has co-operated with many foreign cultural institutes. The artistic directors of Crescendo are Timothy Bentch – tenor and Eszter Füzesséryné Dudás – violist.

Crescendo has provided an opportunity for studying and performance to more than a thousand students so far. Besides, 3 opera performances and more than 150 concerts have been given free of charge to enrich the cultural life of the region.The teachers of Crescendo Summer Institute are soloists of world-famous orchesters, chamber musicians and teachers of renowned and elite universities. The repertoire of their concerts incorporates a wide range of music literature from the Baroque to today. The program series of the two-week artistic institute is enriched by lectures on music history. Among the Hungarian instructors there are artists as: Erika Dallos, István Dominkó, Gergely Kaposi, József Kiss, János Pálúr, László Seeman, Rita Termes and Gábor Varga. Moreover, the board of the Crescendo feels honoured for hosting high quality artist professors from all over the world, as for example, Steuart Pincombe, Bernad Le Monnier, Beata Halska, Judith Ermert, Reto Reichenbach, David Danel, Andy Vance and Christian Studler. At Crescendo Summer Institute 2015 the singer and opera section aspires to ensure that students may participate in the most prestigious and comprehensive summer course in Europe.

Excellent teachers as: Tünde Szabóki, Andrea Meláth, Júlia Pászthy, Timothy Bentch, Gábor Bretz, Constance Fee and Miriam Feuersinger have master courses and individual music lessons. Courses in solo instruments, chamber music, jazz and baroque music will be held.

The program of the Summer Institute includes numerous concerts. There will be two teachers’ concerts, a concert of the winners of the Gala Concert 2014, opera scenes, a jazz concert, a baroque concert (the theme of which is Johann Sebastian Bach’s works of Italian effect) as well as a poetic evening with music, where Andrea Meláth mezzo-soprano and András Visky – poet will give a performance. Following last year’s success, the improvisation night will be held as part of a tradition this occasion János Pálúr, who also performs with other musicians at the Annual Creative Worship Service, will give a piano improvisation.

The peculiarity of Crescendo is that more than 70 artist professors will be present not only as teachers but also as private individuals, often joined by their families. Not only do the teachers of the Summer Institute establish a professional relationship with their students, but often a kind human relationship is also formed. Besides the daily solo lessons, chamber music and orchestra rehearsals, in the evenings there are guided small group discussions on biblical topics related to questions on life as an artist. In previous years the number of participants doubled which has proven the need for an artistic institute where the professional niveau of high-quality is accompanied by the declaration of values in personal relationships as well as discussions, lectures and worship services along the lines of the values of Scripture. In 2004 there were 160 participants, in 2014 there were more than 350 participants from more than 30 countries.

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