10th Pálinka Festival – the Year of the Apple – Budapest.

Apple the Year's Pálinka 2015

Having a little sip of Pálinka is remedy, but the festival promises to be highly awesome!

From Thursday to Sunday … May, 7.- 10. 2015.

Open from 2 p.m. – 02 a.m.

Juicey Apple Pálinka the Star of the Year!

Downtown – Városháza Park

Budapest Pálinka Festival will celebrate the special occasion of its 10th anniversary. Guests will have the opportunity to taste for the very first time the Apple Pálinka of the Year.

As a tradition to the festival the stalls will offer apple pálinka delicacies and food inspired by the apple fruit. This year for the first time there will be a chance to taste the best apple pálinka as of the country, carefully prepared by the pálinka distilleries houses and manufactories.

The year’s Apple Pálinka, 895 Hunnium, Bestillo Pálinka House, Békési Pálinka House, Birkás Pálinka, Bolyhos Pálinka, Brill Pálinka House, Buti Pálinka, Cornus Pálinka House, Cruxx, Csalló Pálinka manufactory, Keve manufactory, Márton és Lányai, Mikolci Likőrgyár Zrt. – Prekop Pálinka manufactory, Nobilis, Palotás Pálinkaház, Pálinka shop, Panyolai Pálinka, Reneszánsz Pálinka, Rézangyal, Schiszler Pálinka, Spiritus Primus, Ördögi, Tarpa manufactory, Tokaj Spirit, United Brands, Villányi Pálinka, Zimek Pálinka manufactory, Zugfőzde Pálinka museum.

Food at stands will be present: Aqua Bistro, Császári Morzsa, Csöppentő, Fröccsös, Pop Fröccs, XXL Catering, Országkonyha, Hachapuri Grúz Restaurant, Kolbice, Cheese from Region Nagykőrös, Mangalica  sausages, Pálinka Cake House, Twist & Chips, Vitéz chimney roll.

In between the tastings folks can dissolve, relax  and enjoy jazz concerts, street musicians swinging away and have some fun.

The entry to the Pálinka Festival and participating at the concerts are free of charge.

Update by Aggie Reiter


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