Cooks of the Cooks – Sirha and Bocuse d’Or 2015 – Lyon


The Bocuse d’Or competition is organised every two years, held in Lyon at the Sirhan International Hotel at the end of January. This was the 5th edition of the grand cook competition. Previously to the competition, involved eighteen months of national rounds and continental selection events.

The candidates industrious hands cooked more than 5 hours to have created their own style of delicious morsels.

The Norway was 5 times during these competitions present and nine occasion stood on the podium. This year the Norwegian competitor earned Gold – Ørjan JOHANNESSEN – (Jimmy ØIEN Commis). Silver was deserved by the American competitor Philip TESSIER – (Skylar STOVER Commis). The third place achieved by Sweden with Bronze for – Tommy MYLLYMAKI – SWEDEN (Albin EDBERG Commis). Sweden is no newcomer to the competition having won its second Bronze at the Bocuse d’Or.

Hungary was represented by Gábor Molnár (cook) –  Ádám Pohner (Commis) and Péter Várvizi (coach) and finished in 13th place. The raw materials were purchased from the METRO market – Budapest.

Here are the Countries involved and their final rankings:

Norway (1662 points), USA (1653 points), Sweden (1610 points), Finland (1599 points), Japan (1553 points), Denmark (1509 points), France (1484 points), Iceland (1435 points), Netherlands (1423 points), United, Kingdom (1401 points), Germany (1383 points), Australia (1344 points), Hungary (1338 points), Estonia (1324 points), Argentina (1315 points, Switzerland (1314 points), Singapore  (1301 points), South Korea (1300 points), Morocco  (1275 points), Malaysia (1274 points), Canada (1248 points), Chile (1209 points), Spain (1166 points), Guatemala (1071 points).

Update by Aggie Reiter

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