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The countdown is on in selecting the best song for Hungary to enter the

Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

The Eurovision 2015 contest will take place in Vienna, Austria, but until then a lot of water will flow down the River Danube to pick the right song for all the countries involved. Here in Hungary the countdown has already started and this evening the organizers held a press gathering to hear the song and the names behind them. But first things first … the jury of 5 … I mean present were 4 of them, namely Philip Rákay,  Jenő Csiszár , Magdi Rúzsa and Pierrot stepped on stage to implement the representatives of the press and the 10 applicants so far receiving the needed green light to be in the following next selection. At the pre-election taking two days,  Philip Rákay, Jenő Csiszár and other musicians had a tough time listening to 351 entries and by the end 94 entries were selected for the following running selection and by the final  audition remained 30 competitors. The fifth member of the jury will be „the audience”. A free download of the audience vote for Mobile Application 1-10 during the song. At the end of each song, the scores a will be averaged and added to the jury’s number of points.

Tonight was presented only for the time being the 10 shortlisted competitors and their songs. These  were … title of the songs … performers: The Night – Chances , Walls for Nothing – „Bogi” Csemer Buttercup, World of Violence  – He Dal-inch Bogi, Liar – Balázs Farkas Jenser, The Time is Now – Karmapolis, Maniac – MDC,  Listen to the Universe – Father Barbara “Barbie”,  Keep Marching On – Spoon,  Our time – Saci & Böbe, Diamond –  Vera Tóth.

The following 10-10 songs (10 on Tuesday and the other 10 on Thursday) will be broadcasted on the Hungarian Petőfi Radio from 7 a.m. – noontime, so the audience will have time to learn and hear the songs.

Tie votes are expected, but that is what the Eurovision song contest is all about, choosing

the best-of-the-best!

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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