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Friends, colleagues, fellow writers, theater lovers gathered together celebrating along with Tibor Zalán –  József Attila Prize-winning poet, writer, painter at his 60th birthday gala evening show. The celebration was held on August, 27. at the Water Theater in  the  he City of Szarvas. The whole show was conducted by his buddy Peter Huzella  -Kossuth Prize-winning composer and guitarist-singer.  Within the celebration  joined the Jókai Theater ‘s artists with performances  written by home and ongoing at the city of Békéscsaba and fellow. The evening show was rolling along from one presentation to the other and  in between the actors all said a few words playing  parts  from the scripts he has written.  A Birthday celebration, especially the 60th would not be without a Birthday Cake… no way and it arrived  in an unusual way … on a vessel from the other side of the River Körös.  The major of Szarvas, the director of the Water Theater and the Jókai theater  members  started to give it a go to pull over the vessel with the use of attached moorings,  and soon  called  out for help tp the audience and many where keeping up their steps  reaching the stage to give a helping hand in  pulling the heavy load! The „Birthday Cake”  arrived with burning torches symbolizing candles and smoke on the water  filled the air.   So  when the vessel was at the bank of the  water theater’s stage  the huge  cake box was opened  naturally by the celebrated Tibor ZalánThe three-story cake suddenly showed levels of his latest book.  Booking signing followed the celebration and everybody in the audience received  a slice of cake to join in the celebration.  There was a high number of audience present and even the director of the Jokai Theater said: Quote: „If this celebration would have had been arranged at the Jokai Theater in Békéscsaba, there the audience would not have fit  in the theater.”  Also added a theater director’s heart is overwhelm when he see this number of  participating audience. Here at Szarvas the locals certainly proved  they are surely theater loving folks.


 Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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