Foundation for Africa has successfully ended with the support of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry.

The opening ceremony of the new school building that has been built within the framework of a project carried out with the support of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry is taking place, on May 12, in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The five young Hungarian volunteers currently residing in Congo within the framework of the EVS have played a major role in the successful realisation of the project. They are organizing a series of support programmes in the Central African country. ffe0aaea

The school building that is due to be ceremonially opened on May 12 is a new milestone for the Foundation for Africa, and especially for College Othniel, a school maintained by the Foundation in Congo. The social-educational centre maintained and established mainly with Hungarian support has been considerably improved within the framework of the one-year-long project that has been realised with the support of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry. The five young Hungarian volunteers currently residing in Congo within the framework of the EVS (European Voluntary Service) supported by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union have played a major role in the reconstruction works. The volunteers are organizing support programmes in the area.eecd8a50

The new school building in Kinshasa is due to be ceremonially opened in May by

France Mutombo Tshimuanga, the Head of the Foundation.


The school has been expanded with multifunctional new classrooms, that can be combined, and with an administrative section. The new and the already existing buildings have all undergone infrastructural development, and new educational programmes have been launched while current ones have been improved in order for the new classrooms to be utilized as efficiently as possible. Locally available materials have primarily been used during the reconstruction, and the Foundation has intended to get access to materials in Congo which can later on be repaired or added to locally. Local experts and workers have taken part in the execution of the project.The short-term aim of the project has been to construct buildings for the purpose of education, to improve the infrastructure, and to expand the choice of educational programmes. The long-term aim is to enhance the standard and the prestige of the school, to provide students with the possibility of taking exams, to create new sources of income, and to launch further branches of study as well as to employ new teachers.  27dd92b9

All in all, students at College Othniel have access to education higher in standard which helps improve the quality of living. Beside granting the location for lessons, the classrooms can serve as ideal locations for organizing additional courses during which both children and adults can learn, among other things, about HIV/AIDS diseases, environmental protection, and other issues of high importance. The expansion of space, furthermore, allows the education of children coming from the most underprivileged families. The construction of a nursery classroom enables the education of children under the age of six, and parents can thus take on jobs.  d4840d12

The Head of the Hungarian Foundation and the volunteers are arriving back home from their mission tomorrow, on May 13.

Sharing the source by request from the Foundation for Africa – Budapest.

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