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The final  day has come to the countdown at the undoubtedly surpasses ground than ever to be held the SPAR European Cross-Country Championship at the  historical grounds on the Skanzen’s Open Air Museum.

What a Day for the athletes and the visitors at the 19th SPAR European Championship with over five hundred athletes. The  nomination  for  the six individuals and the eight teams were awaiting to  be  seen as the champions. All the athletes had to fulfill the 8.05 kilometers distance in running.

The weather may have looked delightful, seeing the clear blue skies, the sun was shining, yet for the visitors and the competitive athletes, the chilly cold, high winds was also a challenge to follow by the grand teams on the run. Each-and-every athlete had to test their physical condition, strength, own fitness while having to have had reached the rising hill-like paths. At this point surely took a bit of everyone’s strength, but it just took a blink or two and off they were on the run again. The snowy, icy grounds also was a huge challenge even though on the bottom of their shoes they had pins and nails to avoid the run without slipping.

Some athletics admitted, this was one of a kind of ground they ever ran, but it is surely is a great practicing racing field to their forthcoming races. As they said, while running, passing by on the tracks they had time to look, see the Skanzen’s awesome landscape of historical houses, barns, farm-yards of the regions of Hungary, which they enjoyed so much.

In the women’s 8,050 meters race the Irish lady, Fionnuala Britton blasted out at the start  and was able to keep the distance between the others. It  was only 2 seconds, the Portuguese Dulce Felix finished in the 2nd place and 3 seconds later, the Dutch Adrienne Herzog was ranked in the 3rd place. Britton was able to keep her previous victory on the running routes at the Skanzen’s Open Air Ethnographic Museum, at Szentendre. Britton will most probably remember her own run and her team’s victory at the Sklanzen  fields, leaving Hungary with the two gold medals.

The field awaited the 92 men along with the defending champion Bekele Atelaw  from Belgium and the nine-time champion of  Ukraine Serhiy Lebin. Lalli  finally, neither they, nor the others could really pinch his speed. The Italian Andrea Lalli, as a “road runner” won the 9,880 meters individual race. Seeing him running on the tracks, no sign on the style of his running getting exhausted was traced. He ran with confident. Often was seen as him running alone. One or two occasion he took a look to his back as to see the distance where the other athletic are. They say in life 10 seconds ain’t a big deal, but for Lalli it meant a lot, the Gold Medal!  Here at the Skanzen’s less easy running field he was able to gain the title as the best athletic runner on the continent of Europe. Within his results his name will surely open a chapter in the history book of sports, as the one who managed within his athletics career to fulfill the  triple success. In 2006, as a junior, then to be the fastest runner at the U23 European Championship and surely there will be more running fields, seeing him where he can prove he is the fastest runner in Europe!

The 2nd to cross the line at the tough routes in the men’s race was the French Hassan Chahdiutott, who in 2010 won the U23 gold medal. The 3rd place was well deserved by the also Italian athletic Daniele Meucci who won the silver medal on the run at this year’s 10000 meters outdoor European Championships.

The competitive athletes  from Ireland  won the team competition, ahead of the French and the British team.

The best Hungarian competitor Albert Minczér, crossed the line at the 29th place and Barnabas Bene at the 51st place.

The start-up of two Hungarian ladies, Szófia Erdélyi crossed the line at the 40th , while Krisztina Papp ranked the 43rd place.

In the four junior race the young Hungarian athletes had been given the opportunity to stand on the start line. The junior István Király crossed the line in being the 53rd and Kriszta Kószás the 65th, while Dani Áron, in the U23 was ranked at the 64th  place.  Representing Hungary in the U23 women’s field, Réka Czebe ended her race at the 42nd place.

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