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Address:  District V. – 82 Váci Street Budapest

Open hours: M-F: 12.30 p.m. 11 p.m.

SAT: 4 p.m. – Midnight

What a marvelous way and a grand tip to cool down during the heat wave at the Ice Bar – Budapest. Yes … at the Ice Bar!  Right on the pathway of the downtown area.

Close to midday, Ms. Betty Balássy and Mr. Feri Varga, two “Mega Star” performers arrived together to view with the press representatives the newly formed ice sculptures, by World famous ice sculpture Mr. Zsolt Tóth, at the IceBar in Budapest. Shortly upon their arrival we were all dressed up by a local lady… covered with an almost floor-length hooded warm Pancho and a pair of warm gloves. We were told the temperature inside is about -6C to –8C. Surprize…Surprize!

Thought … aha … what an experience we all are up to … just perfect … entering this cold cave from the outside temperature +36C. Some came dressed in shorts and a T-shirts but didn’t give a damn of the unique Arctic temperature to hit them.

Mr. Dénes Klima, managing director gave instructions for the individuals entering the World of Ice, by saying: „Who feels uncomfortable with the cold inside the cave can come out anytime, don’t have to freeze into ice”.

It seemed like Ms. Betty Balássy and Mr. Feri Varga extremely enjoyed this new experience which can be followed step-by-step viewing the sideshow.

It is not just a simple  tourist attraction. Ain’t no difference whether it rains or shine, it is a grand place to visit.  The owner pf the IceBar told me that once he had a talk with Zsolt about his grand pieces of  ice sculptures and there should be a way to be kept not just live for a week or so during the cold wintertime but also to share these outstanding formations during the summertime as well. So the idea was on the table. They both agreed there will be a place where these outstanding art of ice can be seen for a “lifetime”. So this idea or call it as a dream came true and here we are to-day viewing these awesome Art of Ice!

Needn’t have to say what the ice sculptures show, they are well-recognized. Within the exhibition it shows the beautiful proudly standing „Lánchíd” Chain Bridge, which allows the time to roll by as beneath the rolling stream, floats down the River Danube.

So … Have a seat in a piece of furniture made of ice and enjoy the unique experience of the Arctic world here in Budapest!  The bar serves delicious, naturally ice-cold cocktails, served in ice glasses, even the very glasses you drink from.

I’m sure many often thought about a special and interesting place to visit while being in Budapest, well the a small Ice World in Budapest at the IceBar will ring the bell to remember of your stay as a part of walking by on the pedestrian Váci Street.

It will surely guarantee an unforgettable experience. It worked for me.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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