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The BKF (College of Communication Arts and Business) is holding its first public debut at the Design Terminal during the  4 day event of January 20-24.

The “ART KICKOFF” starts at 4.p.m. sharp

It’s free of charge to the public

5th district, 13.Erzsébet Square – Budapest


The Art Kickoff  was opened by Mr. András Kepes, Dean and Mr. Dr. László Vass, Rector from the BKF – Collage of Communication Art and  Business.  Two years ago the BKF had decided to move towards to the arts-oriented education in the business and communication courses.

It is winter time here and the full days programs are just a perfect time and place to meet, exchange thoughts, have a drink and enjoy the awesome performances at a warm cosy place in the downtown, at the Design Terminal. Anyone can join these discussion, interviews. Nothing better than to work under the umbrella term gathering experiences from the old-peers, professionals. The first day’s visitors reached the number of 250 “knowledge hungry individuls”!

The name „Kick-Off”, is figuratively just like the first shot on the ground on the football arena, but to be more serious, it is well discovered a long time ago that art cannot be separated from the society and the market. They mutually presuppose and effect each other. During the forthcoming four-days, there will be various performers. Expected to be interesting work-shop discussions and panel talks of what the young adults would be interested in how on, where to sharpen their eyes in the frame of their talent.

Actually the programs coming along during the four-day are not considered as range of showing an exhibition or two, instead it wish to introduce an exciting series of events.

It is not to be missed, due to the various recreated materials, reinterpreted applications, exhibition of various art works, panel talks.

Just a few themes that are on the schedule:animation, photo, media, video, graphics, craft, design, promotions, presentations, environmental culture, Masters and Disciples, sweeping changes within online and media culture and many more events, given by distinguished invited lecturers and daily known media professionals.

The students of the College will be giving bits-and-pieces of their performances to show of what they have had already gain in the field of art communication and in land of business. During the four-days there will be various musical performers as well.

The two ladies in front or should I say behind the window glasses are Ms. Leila Tóth and Ms. Dóra Béres, performers, both drawing by the use of light-pen.

It is not to be missed, due to see the various recreated materials, reinterpreted applications, exhibition of various art works, panel talks.

On the last day the 24th, there will be at 9 p.m. a closing party at the Anker club, whereas everyone can build their creative thinking in a relax tone.



Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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