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The ArtMarketFair is a #1 spot for visitors to explore art  by rolling along the collections.

Put your comfy shoes on cause to visit the ArtMarketFair,  if you decided so … get ready to see the 100 stands and meet, talk with the 400 artists. 

I’m generally attracted to strong, bold, graphic pieces. I like expressive art and definitely think that art can spark conversations. Not everything will appeal to everyone, but that’s O.K. That’s not what it should be about. I believe half of the enjoyment of art is in the spontaneous discussions that arise. Well at the ArtMarketFair you sure will get into the mood.

Now  … Let’s see some foreigner artists who are out there at the Millenium Park.

There are foreigners introducing their works in various field of art, design, music and in the stage of fashion. The international artists project is known as  Art-in-Fusion. Their works can be seen out on display at this year’s Art Market Festival. Concerning the future,  other artists  will be invited to the Art Market Festival of 2013.

Tom Sloan:, born in Melbourne, Australia. An industrial designer with built-in work ranging from interior and lighting, furniture products to architecture. He began his career as a product designer at the Lab Architecture Studio in Melbourne, contributing to Federation Square, Australia’s largest cultural and civic precinct. He completed his project in 2002. His first built project in Budapest was the Origo Bistro and Café House at the Pasaréti Square. He was a voted in Hungary for the best new interior of the year 2011.

If, I am correct, he had worked in the near past on a n education center at the Monash University in Melbourne. In 2012 received a commission from Siemens for the 2012 London Olympics Games. Thanks to his grand design experiences in practise, in 2010 Tom Sloam became the co-director of the independent art organisation the „Blood Mountain Foundation” in Budapest.

Ms. Keren Hanan,  Greek-Israeli born. A pianist and an artist in one! A lady with  multiply gifted unique talents.  As she told me: ” at the age of 4, a swimming instructor saw she had talent to be a great swimmer and could gain one of the golden medal  at the Olympics Games. My mother didn’t like the idea… so that was it. Thereafter, my passion grew deeply into music. At the age of 6,  won a scholarship to N.Y. as a pianist.”  This was the beginning briefly in nutshell of Keren’s artistically world not even before she got into her teens. Keren grew up deeply loving music and at the same time she had an enormous passion for painting. She is internationally acclaimed as a concert pianist who has given concerts throughout the world. Preformed also with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, the Budapest Festival Orchestra and many other famous orchestras. She studied around the world: Boston at the New England Conservatory, Italy, In Tel-Aviv and now-a-days at Budapest. Keren is also known as a painter. She paints, expresses her deep emotions while listening to various piece of  music. Each painting of hers are heavily coloured by her colourful emotional feelings. Here at the ArtMarketFair Keren brought to introduce her collection of the “Music in Colors” .

Mr. Allan Siegel NewYork, USA After his studies in architecture in the ’60s, he began making films and soon he was a member of the documentary film collective „Newsreel” and „Third World Newsreel”. He taught at the School of Art Institution in Chicago at the video department. He is living in Hungary since 2001 and teach at the Intermedia Department, the University of Fine Arts in Budapest.

Mr. Alexander Tinei: Born in Moldova. Following his studies at the Chrisinau Repin State Collage of Fine Arts, he has made his way over the years and became a painter living in Budapest. He is using the traditional academic art training and painting style. As he says „I am an absolute product of the Soviet culture, transformed into the Western culture”.

Ms. Nadya Hadun: Born in Minsk, Belorus. She  had studied at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts and continued in Hungary at the University of Fine Arts. She has a touch for figurative oil painting, evoke an old photo album from Belarus rendered with the sensibility and nostalgia from Central European Art Nouveau.

Mr. Mamikon Yengibarian: born in Yerevan, Armenia: He started his studies at the American Academy of Fine Arts in Yerevan and at  St. Petersburg’s College of Fine Arts. Living and working in Hungary since 1990. His works are formed  manly in bronze with monumental sculptures at public places, but often works with wax by creating abstract figurations of  human and animals.

Shay Arye Gallery, founded in 2008 Tel-Aviv, Israel. The gallery promotes young contemporary art in the local and international art community. The gallery program covers works by artists who as a matter of course understand art strongly associated with politics, theory ans social culture. Represented artists: Ms. Hila Amram,  Mr. Adi Brande,Vera Korman,Ms. Ayala Landow, Mr. Dan Orimian, Mr. Ariela Plotkin, Mr. Danny Yahav Brown and Mr. Itay Ziv.

Ms. Claudia Martins:  born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photographer and producer. Lives in Budapest since 2004. She studied communication at the CEU and holds an MA in Gender Studies. This year she came up with  a new series of limited edition of silkscreen prints on hand-made paper at Art-in Fusion.

Mr. Nicola Trezzi, Italian born, living in New York , US Editor of  “Flash Art International” and Curator of the “Prague Biennial”,  said during the round table talks: „Over the last few years the art scene in Central and Eastern Europe literally exploded. Poland came first, then Romania and now the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I am convinced Hungary will be the next stop”.

The Art MarketFair’s closing reception was held on the river Danube at the A38 boat. Connected to this occasion Mr. Attila Szűcs’s  exhibition was presented. Shortly then after the Fish! group held a concert. A DJ ensured the rhythm on the dance floor until dawn.

During the four days fair, the ArtMarket connected, provided a series of related art events  to be seen throughout Budapest and at the city of Debrecen.

Just a fortnight ago the Museum of Fine Arts opened Cézanne’s unique exhibition which have had not ever appeared together with the oeuvres of the great 19th century’s masters else in the World. These masters explored the influences and developed the modern art. This exhibition titled: „Cézanne and the Past: Tradition and Creativity” present an overview of Paul Cézanne’s ceuvre and his approach to the past. The paintings at the Fine Art Museum have had been lended from the world’s famous four major museums,institutions and private collectors. Almost 100 hundred paintings, drawings, prints and illuminated books can be seen created by masters from the 16th-19th century.

(Cézanne regularly visited the small town’s museums like: Aix-en-Province  and in addition the Musée du Louvre in Paris. He made his own copies prints and reproductions which served as constant sources of inspiration for his artworks. He also used figurations of the Classical Antiquity, the Renaissance, Mannerism and Baroque and Romanticism. Cézanne once said: „I want to make of impressionism, something solid and lasting like the art in the museums”)

While paying a visit at the museum, found out, by the purchased ticket to the Cézanne exhibition at the Museum of Fine Art it can be replaced with 10% discount on admission to the Budapest Festival Orchestra’s French themed concert on November, 24/25/26.2012.
If you buy the concert ticket, then it can be switch to a 10% discount on ticket to the Cézanne Exhibition. The promotion runs until December,20.

Also the ArtMarketFair gave a chance to pay visit on a guide tour at the Hungarian  House of Photography (Mai Manó Ház). Mind you, there is still a couple of days to go a visit, if you don’t wish to miss seeing the photos of a Lady, the Great Photographer of the 20th century  go for it. Ms. Vivian Maier was an outstanding artist. Her work was discovered by chance by an American real estate agent, John Maloof in 2007. Since then, almost forming a special story and photos throughout the world. Vivian Maier born as an Austro-Hungarian, worked in France as a nanny. She left her footsteps on the streets of New York and Chicago, hiding behind her camera and taken photographs of America’s most interesting and special moments in the ’50s up to the ’90s until the end.

The ArtMarketFair’s organizers also provided an opportunity to go on a city tour (organized by the “Haver” Fund) with a guide to visit  the Jewish Quarter in Budapest.

A guided tour to the City of Debrecen with a curator was also on the list, to the “Twilight Exhibition” at the MODEM gallery. Bus transportation was provided.

Closing my update with  the Director of the ArtMarketFair Mr. Attila Ledényi thoughts:

“We have created a meeting point in Budapest for lovers of art  and invites to a city which doesn’t deny its Central, Eastern, nor its Southern European traditions.”

Curator: Ms. Adele Eisenstein, born in N.Y.

The project is  co-financed by the European Integration Fund of the European Union.

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