The 93rd. Hungarian Derby – Culinary “Gastroangyal” Festival – Kincsem Park – 2015.

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Hungarian turf … Power – Instinct – Beauty – Dynamism – Spiced with gastronomy flavors all in one at the

Derby and “Gastroangyal” Festival

Kincsem Park – July 3 to 5 -Budapest – Hungary.

Bet online on horses and finish your day with entertainment and home-made flavors.

The equestrian events is a perfect time to fill your day with unforgettable memories. A real family, friends gathering time, with also having concert, theater performance, around with home-made, countryside snacks, meals beside the traditional horse race!

The rules of present day horse racing had have been unchanged over 300 years.  The breeding purposes  and selecting the best horses is the only way back to studs. Horse racing fulfills three professionals … jockys, drivers and trainers and their victory is cream on top of the cake. From July . 3-5 visitors to go to the Kincsem Park and watch the awesome battle of racehorses will be a splendid time out filled with entertainments, gastronomy delights and having a chance, opportunity to win through wagering.

Just a couple of thoughts back in time of horse racing… Naturally most of the folks know that actual birthplace of horse racing which was in England int he 18th century and since then became pretty became pretty popular worldwide. Even though the Derby has had become  the synonym for many sporty events and the most important horse race for the 3-years old colts. In Hungary the horse racing was introduced by Count István Schéchényi in 1927 and upon his initiative Hungary very soon became with leading horses in the world of horse racing and  world-class breeding. The first race was held in Hungary in 1883.

The greatest Hungarian Horses may not be necessary to introduce, but would like to highlight three of them known so well all around the world the past 200 years with the Hungarian thoroughbred and totter breeding horses. Folks of  to-day have not seen the most distinguished race won by Kibér at the Epson Derby in  1876. Kincsem was the only horse int he world who was never beaten in 54 races. During the period of her golden age she met the cream of Europe and  no hard other horses  raced they could not beat her int he Austro_Hungarian Monarchy, England or France. The Imperial a.k.a. „The Chestnut Charger” as the most successful Hungarian  breed int he 20th century. He was able to win  2 Derby’s, one in Budapest and in the other race in  Austria in 1963. Finished as second at the Grosserm Preis con Baden. He also raced in the United States of America.

Unfortunately, last week the sad news swept through the equestrian world. The English bred Overdose the wonder horse’s illness put an end to the world-class best sprinter. He was unbeaten in 14 races. He was the best 3 years old sprinter in Europe and the gain the 3rd place in the world in 2008.

So after a short hop back to the three-day event … On Friday afternoon horse races will fill air with  gallop, agar and trotting races and when the sun goes down Magdi Rúzsa concert will close the day. On Saturday, the 101 Trotting Derby will take place. On  Sunday beside the daily horse races, the evening will be highlighted by the Virtuosi concert.  The 93rd. Hungarian Derby concludes with the National Equestrian Theater’s gala show at 8 p.m. on Sunday.  Meanwhile, all three days the  Gasztroangyal  debuted new culinary flavors  and introduce to the visitors, such as: wine makers, spirits producers, growers, farmers products.

Update and snaps: Aggie Reiter

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