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Aim is to promote an understanding of  the disability issues, to mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities.

To-day’s Press Announcement was  just one example that proves, the Sporty World can be of support to the Foundation of those living with disabilities.

The “Ferencvaros” Sports Club (shorten form: FRADI) and the “I DO NOT GIVE UP!” Foundation signed a cooperation agreement by Mr. Pál Orosz, CEO of Football and Mr. Szabolcs Papp, foundation leader  in the early afternoon during at the press gathering,  in the “Toldi” hall at the “Albert” Football Stadium.

„I DO NOT GIVE UP!” is the “motto” of the foundation that was formed in late 2005. We believe that this is really true for everyone, talking about disabled people, Roma people living in poverty, or any person even the one who has everything he or she wants.

The foundation aims to provide the disadvantage members of society for some reason to be in helping them, to place faith in themselves to be independent in their own society and to help them to become in the future the human beings who they wish to become. The people who want to take part in responsibility for shaping Hungary. The opportunities for rehabilitation and prevention of disabilities is an important issue.

Mr. Pál Orosz, CEO of Football said, the FTC Football Club are willing to do everything in their power to give aid to the members the needy. He also added: “The first sign of this will be done from the beginning of March, when the FRADI football players will be all wearing throughout their match the tops with the inscription of “I do not give up”. The FTC first spring opening match will be during the evening hours on Saturday, the 3rd of March with the “Debrecen” football team. The first kick has been sold already, but later on the members of the group will be given the opportunity to do their “first” kick on the field.”

Another remarks from Mr. Pál Orosz was: “Later on we would like to introduce the members of the group to the FTC fans, by given group an opportunity to play their music during the games break time.”

The foundation leader, Mr. Szabolcs Papp, was pleased to hear this forthcoming opportunity. He was happy to say: “We do not want to disturb anyone on the FRADI grounds, but it would be a pleasure for us, if we could play football at one of the FRADI’s facilities. There we could all do our sporty with pleasure.

“A better world for us” is a series of events young people with disabilities set up by organized programs, which proved that the disadvantaged people and victims are able to set an example for society. In recent years 4 charity concerts were held at the Budapest Sport Arena, whereas a total of forty million HUF income was reached. From this amount already achieved and still having ongoing objectives: orphanage renovation, construction of eco homes for disabled people, organizing camps, events, creative therapy program, job creation programs for people with disabilities.

At the end of the press gathering  the group  played and sang along their motto: “I DO NOT GIVE UP”…


Well many of us who are “on the other side of the moon” should not give up to be handy for the needy.

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