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This year’s   National Galopp   “Nemzeti Vágta”   came back with a race and an endless parade  looking to mark a worldwide name for Hungary and an International  interest to having to join this one and only unique  scenario  of shows in the forthcoming  year.

Although  September, 18  was’t a National Holiday, the National Galopp’s „Nemzeti Vágta” race stopped locals and folks from abroad at Budapest, Nationwide  and the neighbouring countries to watch this outstanding show of the Hungarians as the horse-riders throughout the ages of their history periods.

It was a festive of horse-riders from each-and-every corner of Hungary.

A little bit on the side of numbers: There  were a diffusion of line-ups of 300 performers,  52  mayors, a number of ministers from  the Gov.  and  Secretaries of State, as the guest of honours.

Many that couldn’t make it home and abroad most probably found the nearest TV to watch parts of the parade and the final race. At the Heroes Square two big screens stood to follow the races. Even if folks were a bit far from the racing field standing in massive line ups to taste the Hungarian food and drinks could see what’s happening out on the race field.

On a day when fate, nature, the gods, and most of all the highly trained horse riders and their horses filled with the beauty of elegance  pulled to the scene to show their strength and the power of horse-riding

Was one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year, with a huge, as in a crowd of 150.000 or even plus to a full-day entertainment was  ensured by the organizers. This year the number of a tendency’s were higher than in the previous 3 years. There wasn’t even a “square inch”, whereas there hasn’t been something to see, hear, eat, drink, listen… etc.

Also new performances were swaying “running” throughout the ground. The clown horseback riders gave some cheering  and laughter to all ages. For the first time  at  the National  Galopp’s, the chariots were  implemented to the grand show.

The horse-riders in a way or the another,  behind the horses mattered just as much, if not more than the condition of the animal itself. It is a two-way lane to success.

The pants where on fire, not only in connections with the horses but also in style.

A party of  “celeb’s  joined within  their presence at a new sport of horse racing by standing for the first time on a  specially made chariots just for this  National Galopp event.  Great reminder of the pictures of the 50s  Ben Hur, as the one of the most epic scenes. Ms. Ildikó KERESZTES, singer, actress won the race with her “supporting partner” Mr. Zoltán LÁZÁR, WorldChamp.

László HAJAS, famous hairdresser, won the charity star race, supported by Bank of OTP. It was the day he dreamt for so long and was happy his dream came true. His prize was 100.000 HUF, which he offered as  charity support to the Department of Pediatrics at the Tűzoltó street’s clinic.

This  year’s winner at the National Galopp “Nemzeti Vágta” was Ms. Gyöngyi MOLNÁR, representing  the sub-region of Baja who raised high above her head the “Hussar Saber” as the challenge –cup (the Hussar saber is to-day’s  symbol of Hungary’s 1948 war of independence). Along with the grand prize of  she gain 10 million HUF to her sub-region.  She was not riding … she was flying  3 feet above the ground  and could hardly hold back her tears of joy and happiness.  Last year she took the 2nd place at this National Galopp and what’s more to it, at the time being she wasn’t aware of her pregnancy. This year she brought her 10 months old little baby along to this race.

Other background figures at this outstanding festive: 170 tents, 240 equerry, 380 horses, 3 trailer trucks of wast-wood, 62 trailer trucks of special horse-friendly sand.  At the end of the event a huge picture of 20 ton of “wasteland” was collected by the sweepers.



Update and snaps by: Aggie Reiter

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