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Please note the dates and time:

September, 16. Friday, 11 a.m. until midnight

September, 17. Saturday, 10 a.m. until midnight

September, 18. Sunday, 10a.m. until 10 p.m.

Chocolate has always been as medicine in History

„Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food.”

Hippocrates (460-377 BC)

Chocolate is going through a reborn era, back to comfort, way back to retro, forward to new gastronomic exploration and healthy indulgence.

Must admit, I love the pleasure of chocolates served three ways:

Frozen –  Ice cubes

Liquid  – Hot

Bars – Dark  (70%,80%,90%)

Throughout the past 20 decades, Budapest has become the city of Festivals. Especially, from early spring to late  fall, but also during the high seasons. There has been festivals almost each and every week-end,  regarding to: Palinka, Wine, Gourmet, Typical Hungarian flavoured Sausage, Mulled wine, you name it, but this will be the first time to have sweeties on the table, as a dessert. Whether you are an addicted „chocoholic” person or not, it will be an event to enjoy for kids, adults and a great meeting venue point.

So let’s talk while we eat chocolate and get down to the point. Here is a notice to keep in mind for the forthcoming week-end. So, this week-end there will be for not only the sweets-tooths the „SWEET DAYS FESTIVAL”. This will be the first chocolate festival in Hungary to be in the line in the future like many European and Overseas traditional festivals.

Yes, most festivals last only through the week-ends, so be sure to get your walking shoes on and head up to the hills of Buda. Up there it has an amazing view to the city’s landscape of 180 degree. This  festival will be a venue based on looking into the trends within the Chocolate Industry and sharing all the excitement and flavor that it brings, to the general public.

Share your passion for varietal chocolate, fresh ingredients, organic, vegan and infused flavor with your kids and friends by tasting not just any chocolates, but some of the finest rich, creamy, decadent trifle,  high quality hand-made chocolates  produced here in Hungary.

Mr. János Pataki, President, UIPCG (World Confectionery Association) main patron, will open the festival.

The host of this year’s festival will be Sarah Jane Evans, the specialist writer to the BBC of food and wines. She also enjoys exploring the different byways of fine chocolate and regularly keeps the readers updated about them.

In the evening hours there will be live music: funky, soul, jazzy – to lose some fat 🙂

So make plans to attend the chocolate festival.  Good luck, enjoy your  day and night.

Update by. Aggie  Reiter

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