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The previous days before the competition it was raining and raining. Therefore, we all expected the rain to be present at the meeting, but the sky above gave us the „present” of the day – forgetting to rain. The sun was shinning, yet only 20 C and the powerful wind blew back-and-forth that pretty much disturb the athletes. This time the athletes fought against nature as well and brought their best and good results.

This athletics meeting commemorated to Mr. István Gyulai – a sprinter in his young adult age, winning 28 National Championships to Hungary. The Hungarian sport diplomat, the former General Secretary of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

The opening ceremony was held by Mr. Pierre Weiss of France, the General Secretary of the IAAF. His first words were: „Mr. István Gyulai was a great boss, a colleague and a friend of mine for almost two decades.”

After many years one chapter of Mr. István Gyulai dream came true today.  The Hungarian Athletics Federation (MASZ) cherished and kept the light on that dream.  Unfortunately, within this chapter Mr. István Gyulai couldn’t be present, he has gone ahead before he would have been here to vision this superb athletics meeting. As his son, Mr. Marton Gyulai, General Secretary of  Hungarian Federation said during the opening ceremony: „Dad, I hope if you look down you’re happy to see your dream come true.”

The list of competitors  would be extremely long, therefore I’m  just mentioning a couple of outstanding athletes.

The top athletes expressed their thanks to the awesome cheering audience by showing their best of their personal records.

Krisztián Pars, the Hungarian hammer thrower, one of the stars of the “István Gyulai Memorial” opened the Athletics Meeting  by throwing his hammer two-time above 79m, marked of 79.37 – 79.04m.   He has represented Hungary at the Olympics  two occasions – won the men’s senior gold medal with a world junior record marked 84.47m. 

Asafa Powell, the American World leader sprinter, was happy to show us  twice his blast under 10s/100m. This was his 80th occasion he made his sprint under 10s.

Powell said before the shot: „I am not expecting to get the gold medal, but to bring out the best of me.”  When Powell ran 9.86s at 100m the crowd cheered up, the stadium was loud as they expressed their appreciation.

Veronica Campbell-Brown, the Jamaican sprinter, track and field World Champion. Five-time Olympic  medallist. Six- time World Championship medallist. This was her best run of the year  in the women’s 200m 22.26s. She can also say she won her sprint at Budapest with approaching this year her best time.

No one was fond with the  high windy weather, neither was Veronica, but   – as she said  “the audience was superb and fantastic in support  and hopes she will have the same uplifting audience at the IAAF World Championship/Korea.”

Sanya Richards-Ross, the US sprinter,  two-time Olympic gold medallist,  won a gold medal in 2009 at the World Championship  in the 400 meters race. Two-time track and field athlete of the year.

Sanya, gushed about the awesome supportive audience here at the Puskás Stadion, whereas she ran in the women’s 200m  22.63s. So far this was her best  sprint of the year.

Zoltán Kővágó, the Hungarian discus thrower, surely gained  his best by his biggest shot.  At the end he won the discus throw at 69.50m. He has taken the first place in leading the world season list.

Asafa Powell received the trophy prize for the best athlete at the „István Gyulai Memorial” from the Sports Director of the event, Mr. Attila Spiriev.

The “István Gyulai Memorial” of 2011 was a  major step  in gathering   international  athletes and a  double major step in the history of the  Hungarian Athleteics Federation  that made  Mr. István Gyulai’s dream come true.

The whole team of the organizers did a great job.  Congratulation!

I hope that it wasn’t a one time occasion for gathering  great athletes from all around the world  and the “István Gyulai Memorial” light will always shine from now on and lead in the future.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter.

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  1. Hello.This post was extremely motivating, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last week.

  2. Thanks for the support – one of the organizers 🙂

    • Dear “One of the Organizers”!
      It was pleasure of mine to be present at the press conference and the István Gyulai Memorial Games.
      Especially, being at the memorial games of my former co-worker at the MTV Sport Office.
      I would be delighted to receive an invitation to the next year’s games as well.
      Wish you a fine day 🙂
      Aggie the “Reiter”

      • sorry for the late reply, and thanks for your kind words, Aggie!
        we will definitely invite you for this year’s game, so be prepared 🙂
        have a great day to you too!
        – one of the organizers

      • Hello “Szervez�”!

        No problem for being a bit late. You came by anyway and that is much appreciated. It means ya have seen my update.

        By-the-way … I fully understand you’re busy as a fiddler’s elbow.

        Tks. in advance for keeping me on your list to hear about the forthcoming press gathering and etc.

        Until then, wish you and your team alot of strength and success and if I could be of any support in the coming games just pass me a post. It would be a pleasure.

        On this sunny afternoon, wish you a lovely day.

        Aggie Reiter

  3. Posted by Rachel on 01/02/2012 at 14:01

    What a lovely heartwarming way you write. Fab. screen. Easy to read what you wish us to follow up.Thumbs up and keep these infos rolling in Budapest. Cheers

    • Dear Rachel!
      So kind of you to take your time to pass me your thoughts. Appreciate them 🙂
      Yes, the updates will be rolling as the season comes forward to a much more enjoyable “out-door” time.
      So onwards and upwards I’ll go … until then regards ..Aggie the “Reiter”

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